Plain Chocolate Transfer Sheets - Small (265mm x 125mm) x50

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These small Plain Chocolate Transfer Sheets are perfect for magnetic chocolate moulds and allow you to print directly onto them using edible ink and then apply them straight onto chocolate.

With our edible Chocolate Transfer Sheets, you can mirror print designs, logos, pictures or text and transfer to chocolate. After transferring, the images are the right way again and are great for advertising, special events / occasions and chocolate business cards, etc.

Ingredients: Water, cornstarch, sugar, cocoa butter, bamboo fibre, sunflower lecithin, emulsifier E475, vanilla, gelatine.

Allergy Information: No allergen ingredients

Usage: As an edible transfer, print in mirror image with edible ink

Storage: Store flat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 
Shelf-life 12 months.

Product Description: Plain Chocolate Transfer Sheets
Product Code: TS2
Number Of Sheets Per Pack: 50
Sheet Dimensions: 26.5cm x 12.5cm (A4) 
Printable area: 25.5cm x 12.5cm


Instructions for Printing on Plain Chocolate Transfer Sheets:

  • Chocolate Transfer Sheet printing should be done as a mirror image.

  • Print on the matt side. Do not touch this side of the sheet as the lamination can easily be removed.

  • Gloves are recommended.

  • Print on Chocolate Transfer Sheet by setting the print quality option of your printer to "High" to avoid excessive amounts of colour on the laminated part of the sheet.

  • Make sure that the printed colour on the Chocolate Transfer Sheet has dried completely. It is recommended to wait at least 2 to 3 hours at 20°C (approx. 70°F) and max. 60% humidity before you apply chocolate.


If you wish to buy Plain Chocolate Transfer Sheets - Small (265mm x 125mm) x50 in bulk please call us on 0800 699 0776 as we may be able to provide you with even greater prices.