H74- 3D Witch Chocolate Mould

H74- 3D Witch Chocolate Mould

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These fabulous, versatile H74- 3D Witch Chocolate Moulds can be used for chocolate, fondant icing and even water to create novelty pieces of ice! Made from FDA food grade plastic. These clear chocolate moulds are suitable for all home-confectionery making. The detailed designs allow you to turn out impressive shapes with ease. Add a touch of colour to your chocolate by painting directly into the mould with cocoa butter or add a dash of edible lustre for a sparkle effect.

Mould Description: 3D Witch Chocolate Mould

Product Code: H74

Number Of Cavities Per Mould : 2 (Makes 1 full 3D witch)

Cavity Dimensions: N/A

Cavity Weight: N/A

Mould Size: 20cm x 26cm

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