Cut Out The Middleman! Is it really good business sense to cut out a 3rd party supplier?

Cut Out The Middleman - It’s a common phrase that companies use to promote their business directly to consumers to save time, money and efficiency of receiving their products. So these days, you may generally think you’ll benefit when you buy tools, products and ingredients direct from manufacturers or by spreading orders between a few suppliers, but is it true?

We have conducted some extensive online research, collected a variety of results and condensed our findings here so that you can decide for yourself what the best option is.

What is important to you as a consumer? Research has suggested that these are the things people said matter to them:

• Cost.
• Ease.
• Speed.
• Peace of mind that everything is covered.


Contrary to popular belief, it appears that a supplier’s pricing is often better than buying direct.

The reason for this seems primarily due to 3rd party suppliers securing lower, preferential prices from direct manufacturers, allowing them to be more so or just as competitive. Why would manufacturers provide lower pricing to 3rd party suppliers? Simple: because they will spend a lot more money with the manufacturer in the long run and also develop their own customer base. Therefore, this means the manufacturer benefits from large orders and free marketing to increase their brand awareness. They rely on 3rd party suppliers to truly expand their national or global clientele.


Many of the consumers in one particular research case were surprised by the ease of using a 3rd party supplier. Over half had started out with the impression that buying directly from manufacturers would be the easiest option for them but after trying both, almost all had changed their mind!

If you require a range of tools, products, ingredients for your busy kitchen, it can be time consuming purchasing from various outlets because not one of them supplies everything you need. So you find yourself getting deals direct from manufacturers or using a few suppliers for this and that. And what have you saved yourself, a little bit of money? But you’ve spent more time and effort than necessary getting that small saving. What if there’s something new you want to buy or an idea of something which you’re not sure exists but would really help your business? That’s even more time spent trawling through brochures or online.

Pastry Pro aim to make this simple by collaborating with a range of suppliers and manufacturers to make us a one-stop-shop. We can take the time finding your ideal product based on our extensive knowledge on the industry and where to source the best quality and price.

We hold a lot of products in stock or have agreements with our sources for next day delivery. This means we should get your order to you either the next day or within a few days, depending on your chosen delivery option and products ordered. We strive to be as efficient as possible and keep you informed of developments and possible delays so that you can make an informed decision on ordering with us and are never left unhappy or disappointed.

Peace of mind that everything is covered
Our research also indicated that 3rd party suppliers were found to be far more efficient at cross checking orders than consumers, and also very good at educating their customers on new products, services and purchasing habits. What if you’re spending £50 on month on chocolate but, by buying £100 worth, it will last 3 months? At Pastry Pro we look out for our customers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Even if you don’t go ahead with it, at least you’re aware of the options.

Originally, the general perception by consumers was that ‘going direct is better’ and that the ‘middle man’ offers little and always has a price. However, we hope that we’ve got you thinking a bit more about that and realise that by using Pastry Pro as your middle man, it will really save time and money and ensure you build up a good relationship with a company who is striving to help you. We offer various tools, products and ingredients on our website but we’re always happy to source something we don’t offer or review our pricing if you have seen something cheaper elsewhere. We’ll do our best to beat prices from other sources and especially if you make large orders on a regular basis, we can create a bespoke pricing packing for you.

Let us shop around for you. There’s no harm in asking and we’re always here to help.

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