Making Cupcakes a Successful Business

Cupcakes are delicious. Round little morsels of joy that are much better than a full-blown cake! It seems far more socially acceptable to have more than 1 cupcake than have more than one actual pieces of cake and they can be way more fun, creative and experimental.

It appears to be easy to make really tasty cupcakes; they are simple products with basic ingredients. And baking cupcakes doesn't require a large amount of capital investment, it's relatively easy to scale up without much more outlay. Taking about as much effort to produce three dozen cupcakes as it does to make a dozen. But it's the creativity, talent and business acumen that will really make turn a standard cupcake in to a thriving business! 

Casual baking has turned into an urban industry in recent years, with cupcake businesses succeeding for a few reasons. They're a product that is simple, affordable and tasty! The average cost of buying a cupcake is about £3. And they're certainly a better alternative to some large coffee shop chains, whose industrialised baked goods are barely edible. Cupcakes should be extremely tasty treats that are unique, as well as delicious.

If you're looking at a change of career or have already started baking and growing a business. Or maybe even already have an established business. You'll need to find suppliers of equipment and ingredients who you can rely on for giving great service and competitive prices. 

Pastry Pro believe that a friendly and efficient service should come as standard but that by offering an extensive range of products at competitive prices, whilst managing expectations and not making unrealistic promises, we will become your preferred supplier to support your business growth.

We are also a small business run by a family team but our contacts and negotiations have enabled us to gain access to a huge range of products. It's an ongoing process to load all of our products on website, but if there is anything you are looking to buy and cannot see, please contact us as we're sure we'd be able to source it for you. Or feel free to give us a call if you'd like to discuss your options.


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